empowering expecting moms with nutrition knowledge they can trust.


about nourished babe


Introducing nourished babe, your access point to trusted prenatal health information vetted by experts, whenever—and wherever—you need it.

our mission

nourished babe is on a mission to empower expecting moms with nutrition knowledge they can trust. Our app removes the guesswork to make nourishment easy and stress-free.


optimize nutrition

nourished babe tracks and helps improve your nutrition during pregnancy 

nourished babe offers a comprehensive resource centre to promote nutritionally wise pregnancies. It’s designed for moms-to-be who won’t give their babies anything less than the best. The app lets you track food intake, evaluate whether you’re getting enough critical nutrients, and find nutrient-rich recipes to make the right choices easy. 

nutrition matters
44% of pregnant women do not reach key nutrition requirements during pregnancy. That’s a scary stat when you consider that nutrient deficiency can have lasting negative effects on health and wellbeing for both you and baby. We’re here to empower you on the journey of involved and impactful parenthood throughout every stage of baby’s development.


our story


nourished babe was created by Natalie Bisset and Erin O’Neill, two friends who saw the need for a consolidated prenatal nutrition database first-hand during their own pregnancies. Both educated business people, they sought to merge the highest quality information from renowned expert dieticians and health professionals to build a trustworthy resource for expecting moms. 

Faced with the same questions during their own pregnancies, they designed a solution to make finding authoritative, accurate nutritional information as easy as texting a friend.


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