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There’s a wealth of nutritional information out there – in pregnancy books, on the Internet, in prenatal health classes – but much of it says conflicting things, not all of it is validated by modern medical science, and some of it just won’t be relevant to your individual circumstances. And that’s assuming you actually have the time to consume all that information. But you’re busy. You can’t spend all day reading obscure medical journals and calling doctors’ offices (though that won’t stop you from doing hours upon hours of research in the evenings and on the weekends).

During our own pregnancies, we wanted to make informed and meaningful decisions for our babies – but like any expecting parent, there was that inevitable question of “Am I doing this right?”. The overwhelming amount of information out there for pregnant women can bring so much anxiety – let alone worrying about the smallest things to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep baby healthy.

But what if finding authoritative, accurate nutritional information were as easy as texting a friend?

This is how nourished babe came to be.

We experienced how important having a consolidated and authoritative prenatal nutrition database was to help keep us on track, and promote the healthy development of our babies. So, we wanted to create one tool for expecting parents to ease their anxiety and ensure that they truly are making the best decisions for their babies. We brought in the highest-quality information and renowned expert dieticians and health professionals to help us build a trustworthy resource that moms can turn to, whether they are having their first child or are an experienced (but likely time-starved) parent.

But didn’t want to be just a prenatal app — we wanted to be there for parents that may be experiencing the same fears and anxieties as we did during our pregnancies. We wanted to become a trusted resource for expecting parents, but do so in a way that honours our core values:

  1. Integrity
    We’re parents too — and we want nothing more than to provide you and your family with the same honest, factual information and recommendations by trusted health care professionals that we would refer to for our own children.

  2. Generosity
    We want to give because we are enthusiastic to help and it’s the right thing to do for a parent in need of peace of mind. nourished babe was created to support parents during their pregnancies, and we want to be generous with our support, encouragement, and excitement for your journey through parenthood.

  3. Provide meaningful support for healthy families
    While nourished babe will be with you every step of the way through your pregnancy, we want to extend our support even after baby is born. We will strive to empower the growth and development of happier, healthier families, and become the go-to resource for parents at any stage of parenthood.

These core values help ground us — both as parents and business partners, and we will strive to keep our brand promise to become a trusted resource for you and your growing family. Through nourished babe, we hope to become that trusted friend you can call on to ask about your pregnancy journey — even all the so-called “embarrassing” bits that no one likes to talk about.

As the African proverb goes, “It takes a village to raise a child” — and we hope that our community within nourished babe can help you realize your potential to becoming the best parent that you can be for your baby.

To building happier, healthier families,

erin + natalie


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