a top 12 Canadian digital health startup, as named by Interface Health Society

nourished babe is thrilled to participate in the 2017 INTERFACE Digital Health Showcase, created to raise awareness of top digital health platforms in Canada by connecting innovative companies with buyers.   The showcase is a virtual destination where consumers and healthcare providers can access some of the most innovative digital health products and services. 

INTERFACE Health founder and CEO Michael Bidu says he got the idea for the showcase after learning of a Telus Health survey that found that 90 percent of Canadians would like to use digital health.  He notes, “this is one of the most important – and disruptive – areas, ever, in wellness and health care. It holds great promise for enabling people to live longer, healthier, happier lives, at far less cost than most current medical treatments and devices. Digital health enables us to do more, much faster, for less money."   We look forward to being a part of this groundbreaking initiative and working alongside other phenomenal top Canadian digital health companies.

To be connected through INTERFACE Digital Health Showcase and meet a member of our team, click on "MATCH ME" at the 2017 Interface Showcase today.  

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