2018 Recognized as an "Emerging Ready to Rocket Company in Digital Health"

We're thrilled to share that #nourishedbabe has been selected for the 2018 Emerging Rocket list for the Digital Health sector! #R2R2018

“We identify companies that have both innovative technology and are uniquely positioned to provide a compelling solution. Our analysis of the market and the company progress led to our selection of nourished babe as an Emerging Rocket Digital Health company.” said Geoffrey Hansen, Managing Partner, Rocket Builders.

read the full press release here: Ready to Rocket 2018

About Ready to Rocket
Ready to Rocket is a unique business recognition list that profiles technology companies with the greatest potential for growth. Each year, based on analysis of trends, Rocket Builders identifies the top private companies that are best positioned to capitalize on these trends to achieve growth. This selection methodology has been an accurate predictor of investment and business success with past "Ready to Rocket" companies.

Trademark Notice
“Ready to Rocket” is a trademark of Rocket Builders, a respected management consulting firm servicing the technology industry. 

nourished babe is a Digital Health company Ready to Rocket!

nourished babe is a Digital Health company Ready to Rocket!